Balloon Sculpture Competition Televised May 15th

On May 15th Univision’s Sábado Gigante will feature a balloon sculpture building contest between three well know Latino soap opera stars on their “Si Se Puede” or “Yes, it is possible.”  segment. Carmen taught the actors for four days at her Event Decorating Academy.  They learned so much that they were able to complete large sized balloon sculptures on air by the end of the week. Everyone including Carmen had a great time.  The actors are competing to win $5,000 for a family in need.

Here is a photo taken at the studio with Novelas (Soap Opera) Actors Rafael Marcante, Julio Mannino & Aitor Iturroz.

Here is a sneak peak of the show.  I’ll post the video and pictures after the show airs on May 15th:

Miami Gallery Grand Opening

You are invite to join us as we celebrate the grand opening of  Miami’s Artex Gallery & Event Decorating Academy, LLC

Saturday, April 10th, 6 PM to 11 PM
Balloon Couture Fashion Show at 8 PM – limited seating available
3302 N Miami Ave., Miami FL 33127

The Event Decorating Academy

ceilingdraping.jpgCarmen was a part-time instructor for recreational programs of arts, crafts, and flower design for high school students and adults offered by a local school district. During her teaching career, she developed an acute interest in opening an academy that offered ongoing education on all of the different aspects of event decorating and Balloon art under one roof.

fabricbackdrop.jpgCarmen’s success led her to open the Event Decorating Academy in the Fall of ’08.  The Event Decorating Academy garners students from all over the world. Carmen enjoys teaching others how to succeed in the the event decorating industry. While people come to this school to become great decorators, Carmen also prepares them to become true artists.


It is Carmen’s mission to enlighten her students by improving their self-confidence. She achieves this by devising individualized curriculum, allowing them to learn at their own pace, focusing on basic important skills as well as advance techniques, and making learning desirable, enjoyable and profitable.

The philosophy of her academy is based on small class size, ample teacher-student interaction, a stress-free, calm environment, and regular feedback.

For more information on the Event Decorating Academy, please visit